Lisa Ahn was a former colleague with me while she and her family lived at Cushing Academy. As a published author I invited her to come into my summer seminar as a guest speaker. For one six-hour day she shared her experiences to my intense English class; how to address writer’s block, creative writing, to improve upon your skill set, and most importantly how to have faith and confidence in yourself. While she was only there for a few hours she established relationships that have lasted for several years. It’s impossible to quantify her ability to reach people, to empathize with the creative spirit and share her mastery of language. If you’ve never read her work you’re missing one of the most unique styles I have ever come across. Her whimsy, magical realism and sense of place catapults the reader into another world. Her ability to empower young people is essential in today’s educational environment; her friendship with writing and language is a collaborative love affair that you will rarely find. To have the opportunity to utilize her multiple skill sets in any capacity is a gift. I recommend her wholeheartedly and without hesitation for any position that involves, writing, editing and the elevation of language.