Recently, I sent Lisa a short story I had written as well a novel pitch and a first chapter. Within days, I received helpful and specific feedback. She was warm but straight-forward in her editorial letter and in-line notes; she noted both what was working and what needed more thought with direct quotes as evidence. Lisa wrote down moments where my diction was affecting the interiority of the piece and, as a result, distracting the reader. Professors have also pointed to my interiority in various courses I have taken over the years but have never provided clear direction as to how to fix its inconsistency. I never look forward to reading a critique of my work, but I trust Lisa whole-heartedly. She has empathy as a fellow fiction writer and follows the Golden Rule when interacting with her clients. At this point, I am enrolled in a degree program for creative writing but will seek out Lisa and her services as much as possible in between classes and workshops.