Girls with Pens (Hippocampus)

“Writing,” by Kim Rempel

“Stories shape belief — about who we are and what we can become, about our history and culture. They are the stitchery of self, the seams that either liberate or bind us. Change the story, change the world.  If our girls grow up on tales of hapless maidens waiting for a knight in armor, then they will never lift the sword themselves.”

Please visit the June issue of Hippocampus for the rest of my essay on Disney princesses, Sheryl Sandburg, and the power of our words.

“Cutthroat, For the Love of Words” in Hippocampus Magazine

“Book,” by Petr Kratochvil

For the past few months, I’ve been working in mama-bear cave land. I climbed out once or twice. And this is what happened. My latest piece for Hippocampus Magazine is about murderers and dictionaries (the really big ones), Shakespeare, nagging pebbles and shenanigans. I hope you’ll join me there.

“Life with a Writer 101 — Oh My!” Hippocampus Redirect

Grey & White Drip Background, by K Whiteford

“I am a wretched juggler, often late and usually forgetful. But, for all the balls I drop while writing, my husband and my kids are still my cheering squad, my pit crew, and my refuge.”

For all the dirt on what my husband and kids really think about this writing madness, please join me over at this month’s issue of Hippocampus.