Short Fiction

“Slick” / Quiddity 7.1 (print and audio)

“The Garden Club” / Limestone, Fall 2012 (print only)

“Blown” / PANK, 7.04

“The Faint Light of Heaven” / Toasted Cheese 11:2. Nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

“Little Bits” / Prick of the Spindle, Vol. 5.1

“Mind Games” / flash fiction win at Spectra Magazine (2010)


Creative Nonfiction

“Girls with Pens — Can we ‘Lean In’ and ‘Let it Go’?” / Hippocampus, June 2014

“Fear and Writing (Agents and Critics and Commas, Oh My!)” / Hippocampus, April 2014

“Oh, For the Love of Cats” / Hippocampus, February 2014

“Cutthroat, For the Love of Words” / Hippocampus, December 2013

“Ebb and Flow” / Hippocampus, October 2013

“Open to Revision” / Literary Mama, August 2013

“Life with a Writer 101 — Oh My!” (Interview) / Hippocampus Magazine, August 2013

“Faith in Fairytales” / Judy Lee Dunn’s site, July 2013

“Curses” / Mamapedia Voices, June 2013

“Patterns in the Splatter” / Hippocampus Magazine, June 2013

“On Mermaid Hands and Bezoar Stones” / Hippocampus Magazine, April 2013

“There’s No Porn Here” / Hippocampus Magazine, February 2013

“Show and Tell” /Hippocampus Magazine, December 2012

“Writing on the Edge of Crazyville” / Hippocampus Magazine, October 2012

“Generations” / Hippocampus Magazine, August 2012

“Writing From the Sidelines” / Hippocampus Magazine, June 2012

“The Habit of Doubt” / Nina Badzin’s Blog, May 2012

“What If I Never Get That Book Deal?” / Hippocampus Magazine, April 2012

“Tricking the Eye: Beating Writer’s Block with the Dutch Golden Age” / Hippocampus Magazine, February 2012

“Twitter Me This” / Hippocampus Magazine, December 2011

“Bone Tattoos: Writing Lake Eola” / Hippocampus Magazine, October 2011

“5 Can’t-Miss Ideas for Kid-Friendly Summer Fun” / Real Zest

“On Bribery” / Real Zest

“How I Write About My Children” / Real Zest

“Lights Out” / Real Zest

“Crazy Love” / Writer Unboxed

“Tripped Up” / Real Zest

“Facing Fears and Fluffy Bunnies” / Real Zest

“The Art of Being a Goofball” / Real Zest