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Starting Over

I wrote my first post for this site in 2011. Back then, I added new material each week — posts about my life as a writer, a homeschool mom, a reader. Posts about traveling, or cats and dogs (we have a lot of pets). Links to publications. Interviews with poets, novelists, bloggers. As a whole, the website offered a series of snapshots, pictures of my life, my interests. Me.

Around 2014, my writing goals shifted toward longer fiction. I didn’t post as frequently and, when I did, I posted micro fables, a project dear to my heart. Although those little stories were sporadic, they managed to attract a loyal group of readers (you know who you are — thank you).

Fast forward to 2017 and the day, sometime last week, when I realized that I had deleted my entire blog. All of it. Gone. It’s a longish story involving an impressive level of technological ineptitude on my part. I shed some tears and curses. But, in the end, I chose to see the disappearance as an opportunity. A new start.

So, welcome to my new beginning. I will still post fables, including the old ones I recovered.  After that, who knows? More writing, certainly. Probably kids and pets and travel. Book reviews and interviews.

Those initial snapshots have all changed, but I am still a writer, writing. Drawn to blank pages.  In love with first words, always, the promise of “what if?” the lure of “once upon a time . . . . ”

Let’s begin.

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