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I had three key goals when I started blogging. I wanted a forum for creative risk-taking, writing experiments, pushing myself.  I wanted to gather more readers, build an audience. And, I wanted a “platform,” a place to connect the dots between the various strands of my writing life. There was just one big problem.

I had no idea what I was doing.

I was dipping my toes in the water, making random splashes that never coalesced into concentric rings. It was messy.

At first, that was okay. But if I really wanted to achieve my goals as a blogging writer, I had to make some changes. That’s when I found my fairy godmother, the talented, inspiring, and motivational Judy Lee Dunn. Continue reading

Are you caught inside the “‘Busy’ Trap”?

“Watches, Watches, Watches,” by Jiri Hodan

This weekend — on the same day we returned from our vacation in Maine — author Tim Kreider published an article called “The ‘Busy’ Trap” in the New York Times. I read it as I mourned the loss of the sea and tides, the peaceful ebb and flow of our vacation. It didn’t take me long to be caught back up in schedules. In Kreider’s description of our culture of busyness, I saw my own reflection — an often-frenetic mom, wondering where the day has gone and if there’s something I can do about it.

In a style both lighthearted and incisive, Kreider argues that we are busy — crazy, frantic, mournfully busy — because we choose to be. Everybody’s doing it — rushing, multi-tasking, piling hours into stacks — and so we march along.

He’s not talking about ER doctors here, or single working moms juggling two days inside of one. No, he’s talking to those of us whose busyness is “purely self-imposed.” I sometimes take on trivial tasks like Atlas holding up the world. Sigh, I am so very, very busy. But do I have to be? Is there another option? Continue reading

Versatility and Inspiration

“Nice Flower”, by Jiri Hodan

I am honored and delighted that Marina Sophia of findingtimetowrite has nominated me for a Versatile Blogger Award. I just recently found Marina’s blog and fell in love with her post on losing a treasured poetry notebook. She also has a graceful, fluid set of haikus that captures the essence of each month of the year. Thank you, Marina.

There’s two parts to the Versatile Blogger award. First, I share 7 truths about myself. I decided to follow Marina and list my 7 paths towards inspiration. Of course, since I’m a bit flighty, quirky, and concussed, the list changes daily, but that just adds to all the fun: Continue reading

The Habit of Doubt

coffee, cafe, sunshine, friends

"Cup Of Coffee", by Vojko Kalan

Nina Badzin is a blogger extraordinaire. Creative, smart, and engaging, her writing has an irresistible draw. In fact, sitting down with a post from “Writing, Reading, Parenting & More” is like finding a sunny table at a lovely cafe with your best friend and a steaming cup of java.

Whether she is writing about the importance of doing what you love, the value of a steady reading habit, healthy marriages, or the challenges of parenting, Nina brings clarity, humor, and compassion to every conversation.

I am immensely pleased and honored to be a part of her “Hobbies & Habits Series” today. I hope you’ll pop on over and read my post, “The Habit of Doubt” where I summon up the worst of my demons and then smack it on the head. While you’re there, join us for coffee and a decadent pastry or two. There’s always room at the table.

Blog Re-vision

Love Shines Through by Randi Klugiewicz

Call me strange, but I am a devotee of messy middles. Revision is my heartland. I love the cut and splice. As much as I enjoy the beginning of a story, the growth of new ideas, I’m happiest when I’ve set the bones and can stitch on flesh and fabric. Revision.

This blog has been a patchwork of learning for the past eight months. I’m thrilled with the connections I’ve made so far. Every comment makes me giddy. Now the bones are set. It’s time to throw some sparks. Continue reading