“Slick” in Quiddity


Gorgeous, isn’t it? I love this journal, and — squee! — I love that I am IN this journal. My short story, “Slick,” appears in the latest issue of Quiddity, hot off the press.

“Slick” started out with a single and quite singular main character. A frog with attitude. He was joined by a girl who excelled at math, until she decided that fashion magazines were more “feminine” than fractions. In traditional fairy tales, the girl kisses the frog to get the prince. In mine, the frog must help the girl to save herself. Luckily, Slick has spunk, and he’s willing to bend the tale to suit the circumstances.

This was a fun story to write, with its twists and echoes of more familiar legends. It also emerged out of my conviction as a writer, teacher, and mother, that we can do better by our girls when it comes to STEM fields. My eldest daughter thinks in numbers, spins grids into the universe, and spices everyday with new equations. My youngest loves the magnitudes of science and carries an engineering backpack everywhere she goes. May they always do so.

Slick and I have got their backs.

If you’d like to take a listen, the full audio version of “Slick” is here.

11 thoughts on ““Slick” in Quiddity

  1. Bravo! Huge smiles from me here in Ohio for you and the publication of “Slick”! I loved listening to this and its turnabout on the typical fairytale. As always, such gorgeous language – a delight for the ear. Your daughters are lucky to have you and Slick, guarding their backs.

    • Thanks Brenda. I wasn’t sure how it would translate in audio — and my own voice sounds so weird to me!! I’m glad it played well. I’m always grateful for your support!!

  2. Oh, Lisa … I’m so excited for your publication. I listened to the audio — what a story. Wow. I’m still sitting here thinking about it. The sacrifice of Slick. The fate of those poor bunnies. The loss of a girl’s interest in science and math and learning, in lieu of “girly” pursuits and concerns. The interweaving of fairytales… I loved it! And I love that your girls are so interested in science and math! (I fell in love with Slick, by the way. I’d have kissed him without hesitation!)

    So happy you shared with us. Keep writing, lady. And keep encouraging your girls to shoot for the moon. We love what you do!

  3. Congratulations! I live your writing and how you play with fables and stereotypes. Can’t wait to listen!

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