Wonder Cabinets, Hippocampus Redirect


I am fascinated by the old Wunderkammern or Wonder Cabinets of the European Renaissance. These were rooms (and, later, cabinets) filled with an odd assortment of treasures, mysteries, and curiosities.

If you’d like to learn how a Wonder Cabinet can inspire you in the here-and-now, then join me over at Hippocampus Magazine for, “On Mermaid Hands and Bezoar Stones.” What curiosities will you find?

3 thoughts on “Wonder Cabinets, Hippocampus Redirect

  1. Loved this article – your description of the Wonder Cabinet fits perfectly the image that I have of what your brain must look like – filled with all sorts of fancies – an “odd assortment of treasures, mysteries, and curiosities” – which you then put down on paper in the form of stories. Thanks for the shout-out – I am glad that our collaboration has become one of your favorite forms of writing. Your “what ifs” – the imaginative questions you ask – fuel the answers and become my favorite form of reading.

    • Thank you Brenda! I usually think of my brain as a messy closet in a sitcom — the one so stuffed that there’s an avalanche every time you open it. Or, maybe like the kitchen junk jar. Everyone has a few of those. I like your description better 🙂 And it is always a joy to write stories for your photographs.

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