3 thoughts on “Coffee Break at AWP

  1. Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for your heads-up that I was listed in the program book.

    When you have a chance, could you possibly send me a photo or scan of the program book page(s) where I am mentioned? My email: http://scr.im/debbieohi

    I am truly not happy that I was still listed in the conference materials after requesting that my info be removed many months ago. And apparently none of the presenters showed up at the panel (!!!), which makes me wonder if some of the others are in similar situations as me.

    And thank you again for letting me know. Hope you are enjoying or enjoyed the conference (depending when you read this message :-)).

    Here’s what I posted on my FB page:

    “To those at the AWP/Boston event: Apparently my name was listed in the program book for an “Authors Who Rock Social Media Panel” despite the fact that I never committed to the event (I declined when I discovered that in order to be on the panel, I’d have to pay my own transportation, hotel & membership fee).

    NOT HAPPY ABOUT THIS, especially since I sent several emails to the panel organizer many months ago asking that my info be removed. She says she emailed them twice but heard nothing back.

    I am posting this FB message to make it clear that when I commit to an event, I -do- show up (I have already heard from several attendees who were disappointed not to see me at the event).”

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