The Habit of Doubt

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"Cup Of Coffee", by Vojko Kalan

Nina Badzin is a blogger extraordinaire. Creative, smart, and engaging, her writing has an irresistible draw. In fact, sitting down with a post from “Writing, Reading, Parenting & More” is like finding a sunny table at a lovely cafe with your best friend and a steaming cup of java.

Whether she is writing about the importance of doing what you love, the value of a steady reading habit, healthy marriages, or the challenges of parenting, Nina brings clarity, humor, and compassion to every conversation.

I am immensely pleased and honored to be a part of her “Hobbies & Habits Series” today. I hope you’ll pop on over and read my post, “The Habit of Doubt” where I summon up the worst of my demons and then smack it on the head. While you’re there, join us for coffee and a decadent pastry or two. There’s always room at the table.