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Windy Day by Bobby Mikul Wind on the Beach Palm Trees

Windy Day, by Bobby Mikul

Theoretically, for some writers, stories might come easily. Perhaps they write themselves — I’ve heard such legends, here and there.

I’ve never seen one in the flesh. Stories, for me, are a lot of piecemeal labor, stitchery, a bit of luck, and (I believe), a tiny twinge of magic.

Some take longer than others to arrive. My short story, “Blown”, began with an image of a woman in a shack at night, staring at her reflection in an uncurtained window. She was waiting for a man with a gun. She was not the least afraid.

That is how my dear Livvy was born — and, from there, she’s had her share of adventures, both within the story and without.

I wrote “Blown” in the summer of 2010, submitted it, got rejected, revised it . . . lather, rinse, repeat. Tick, tock, time passed. I worked on “Blown” between other projects, always believing it would find its true, final form. It did, with some fabulous editorial advice from Roxane Gay, of PANK Magazine. Thanks to Roxane, my little story found its proper home. Please visit it here, in the April 2012 issue of PANK.

3 thoughts on ““Blown” away in PANK Magazine

  1. Lisa – I was “blown away” (couldn’t help it 🙂 by your story. It had such depth of detail – I was there with Livvy in the steam of the Everglades, in the acrid fumes of Texas, within the ring of the Colorado Rockies. How these characters and their stories come to you is nothing short of a miracle to me. See – I’m having a hard time just trying to figure out how to put words together for this comment and find some way to let you know how good your story is. So raw and emotionally searing. I give up.

  2. Thank you Brenda. Livvy and those gators pestered me quite a bit until I got the story right. I’m so glad the settings seemed vivid. I can write the story, but am never sure how it plays out for anyone else. Thanks so much for the lovely, encouraging feedback!

  3. I love that story every time I read it! I feel, see, and hear what Livvy does through your perfect descriptions! Well done, Lisa!

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