Writer with a concussion

Frozen Waterfall by Peter Griffin

On Friday, I took the dog for a walk, slipped on the ice, and landed on my head. I’m not sure how I managed to bypass the cushioning of my butt and land on my head instead, but I did. I landed on my head, and my head bounced.

I wish I had a video. I’m sure it would be stunning. Instead, I have a concussion, and apparently it’s a bad one.

I’m not supposed to think too much. My bruised brain needs a rest. My husband says it’s like trying to run a marathon with a broken leg. I get the metaphor — heck, I love metaphors — but I think I might rather have the broken leg. All I do is think. And write. And read. Now, my vision bounces on the page, making word soup, a letter jumble.

Rest my brain? This is where I live. But I’m guessing there’s a lesson here. Maybe about sitting quietly. Relying on other resources. Letting go. These are not lessons that I learn easily, not ones that I embrace.

I have revisions to do, stories to write, but now language makes me nauseous, dizzy. The computer screen is wonky. I’ve been working on this post for days, in jagged pieces, slivers of time, stealing it out in fragments. Silly, but I cannot seem to help it.

My daughters distract me with puzzles and Legos and picture books. They let me braid their dolls’ hair. Rainbow Girl makes me an origami star box and leaves it on my bedside table, the first sight when I wake.

I have a lot to learn. About letting go. Slowing down. Finding other paths when the one I’m on gets blocked. In the picture above, the ice is beautiful, but the cave it forms is ominous and dark. What’s inside, I wonder? A story of course, filled with quirks like ice. Like falling. And the struggle to get up again.

Have you ever had a concussion, or some other injury that kept you out of your comfort zone? Please share your tips for getting through the slippery patches. 



9 thoughts on “Writer with a concussion

  1. So sorry to hear about your concussions, sounds like it was quite a serious fall. Hope you are doing ok and feel much better soon. In the meantime take it easy . . . the blogishere will still be here, we’re not going anywhere. Take time to heal and recover. Gentle hugs. xxx

  2. Lisa! So glad you’re okay! Sounds like it was a scare, and it’s good that all you need is to take some time to rest and heal. Playing legos and braiding doll hair with your girls sounds like the perfect way to spend any day. Enjoy the break, slower times, and letting go, because before you know it you’ll be revising those stories!

  3. I have a feeling that one day one of your characters will have a concussion, and that fall and those recovery scenes will be so incredibly well written. In the meantime, let those children pamper you with little girl love. So sweet.

  4. Lisa – thinking of you and sending you healing thoughts. It is so very hard when we can’t do the thing we love the most; can’t be the “who” we are. Stories and fables will wait; they will bide their time, patiently waiting for brain function to return to normal. Perhaps magical new neuron pathways will spark and fizz and this forced slow-down will cause a creative well-spring to come forth. But in the meantime, Legos and hair-braiding are good alternatives.

  5. So sorry about your concussion. Take it easy and as Kathryn says, we’ll still be here so enjoy your hair braiding, legos and your girls. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  6. Thanks everyone, for all the lovely well-wishes. The doctor says it will take 2-6 weeks for me to recover, so I’ll be on a writing break. Back as soon as I can.

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  8. So sorry to hear of your fall, (no wonder I haven’t seen you around campus lately!) Please take time to heal, you are a very gifted writer! (and have a wonderful Family to be there for,) I have had 3 major TBI’s myself (I used to train Horses for a living), among other accidents that ‘got in the way’ of living life the way I wanted it, but if you need encouragement or help in any way, please feel free to grab me off ‘my beat’ and ask. Happy to hear you’re doing okay….My Best to you & Yours, Your friendly neighborhood Security Guard, Ellen (‘LN’) PS….that Dragon ‘speech’ software is very helpful!!

  9. I hope you’re starting to feel better, Lisa! I can only imagine how and what you must be thinking about trying not to think! As someone else mentioned, I see a story coming once you’re back to yourself….

    Hang in there!


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