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Love Shines Through by Randi Klugiewicz

Call me strange, but I am a devotee of messy middles. Revision is my heartland. I love the cut and splice. As much as I enjoy the beginning of a story, the growth of new ideas, I’m happiest when I’ve set the bones and can stitch on flesh and fabric. Revision.

This blog has been a patchwork of learning for the past eight months. I’m thrilled with the connections I’ve made so far. Every comment makes me giddy. Now the bones are set. It’s time to throw some sparks.

First, I’ve changed the title. While “This Messy Life” sums up the state of my carpets and the laundry piled across the bed, it doesn’t describe what matters most in the tick-tock movement of my days. Stories. I think some days I breathe them.

I’m a storyteller, picking at the seams where memory and imagination tangle, where curiosities abound and magic is real. We live the lives we tell ourselves. We narrate who we are. The middle, with its mess, is the substance of the tale.

There are always twists and quirks along the by-ways. And, if we pay attention, a deluge of hidden wonders, the “what ifs” and the “maybes”. My new blog title, “tales of quirk and wonder,” is a stitchery of home. Seated by the fireplace is a newly-polished author bio. It highlights my credentials but keeps the quirks intact.

Next week, I’ll pull the curtain on the best part of this revision, a collaborative venture with the enormously talented photographer Brenda Gottsabend. Join me on Wednesday for the sparky revelation of “Wing-Feather Fables”.

Never fear, I’ll still be messy. I’ll still celebrate the unraveled bits of everyday, the unmatched socks and missing pages. Those are the pieces that make life, of any sort, extraordinary. And, let’s face it, I’m never going to catch up with the dishes in the sink.

If you have a minute, I’d love feedback — of any sort. I’m trying to find an agent and publisher for my novel, so take the gloves off and tell me if you have ideas for improving my bio or any dusty corners of the site. Thank you!

16 thoughts on “Blog Re-vision

  1. Love the waggle over to a new title of purpose. I wish this messy life only described my carpets and laundry. Big smooches and best wishes for an inspiring collaboration.

  2. Lisa,
    Can’t wait for our collaboration to begin – for you to surround my images with wonder and magic and untold secrets through your word-weaving skills. The dishes can wait.

    • Oh, the dishes always wait. They are very, very patient. Thanks for sending me such fabulous and inspiring photographs.

  3. Hey there! New title is great. The layout is (and always was) easy to navigate and pleasing to the eye. I like the comment system too. Clear and easy, no spam captcha stuff.


    • Thanks for the feedback Nina. I’m not a fan of captcha either — I can never read the letters. It always takes me at least 3 tries.

  4. I love the new site and title and your bio is great — BUT I am not a fan of the revision process particularly except that it gets me from point a to point b. I am much more a fan of planning and plotting and writing! (p.s. hopefully in a month or so I’ll be joining you in the agent/publisher search!)

    • Hi Julia,
      Thanks for the feedback. If we spliced ourselves together, we’d have a writer who loved the whole process, but that might be kind of messy. Plus, I am a terrible gardener and cook. Congrats on being close to The Search. If you ever want to swap pages, let me know. Happy New Year.

  5. Hi Lisa, I’m new to your blog – came via Brenda’s blog. I just wanted to say how excited I am about your Wing-Feathers Fable project. I’m a huge fan of Brenda’s work and am very excited to see your collaboration. Becsx

    • It’s great to meet you Becs. I’ve been a fan of Brenda’s for awhile now, and I’m thrilled to be working with her on Wing-Feather Fables. The first photo and story will be up next Wednesday. Hope to see you then!

  6. I’ve been following Brenda’s blog for a few months now and am thrilled to know about this new collaboration. I think it will be fabulous, and I look forward to your joint posts.

    • Wanda, it’s great to meet a fellow fan of Brenda! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Our first fable will be posted Wednesday. Hope to see you then 🙂

  7. Lisa, what a fabulous story, “Wing-Feather Fable”. Well written (not surprising) and engaging. I have a suggestion about your bio picture. When I opened the bio I imagined a picture of you that was of such found in one of your stories…magical, whimsical, or just full of sparks like you. I think your picture is beautiful, but thought a picture using the unique blend of real and fantasy would be fun. Just a thought…. Thank you for the pleasure of reading your blog.

    • Thanks Lynn — you are totally right. I need to update that photo (plus, I have more hair now!) Thanks for the suggestion and the feedback. It’s always great to see you here.

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