Five Mamas and Papas I Adore

Father And Daughter by Petr Kratochvil

Last week, I wrote about the importance of praise and commaraderie in community building. Today, I’d like to take off my bloggity hat in honor of five parents who inspire me to be a better mom.

Honestly, I’m blessed with the fact that it’s hard to trim this list down to five. It’s certainly not all-inclusive, more like a single snapshot in an album overflowing. If it takes a village to raise a child, then it takes a village to raise a parent too. I’m grateful to have such a fabulous tribe.

Anna M. ~~ I’ve known my friend Anna since we were high school sophomores learning how (not) to whack people with field hockey sticks. She is a fabulous mom with strong problem-solving skills, and a talent for devising new strategies to tackle age old parenting problems (“Seriously? You are fighting about WHAT?”). She stuns me with her ability to convey the deepest love for her three children even when they are driving her insane.  That’s impressive.

Sharon K. ~~ My friend Sharon is a brilliant academic and fab mom who is unafraid to tackle the tough stuff, including the precarious balance between work and home. Plus, she has a kick-ass sense of humor that redeems nearly any Cheerios-all-over-the-floor-and-spit-up-on-your-grungy-pajamas situation.

Chelle S. ~~ Chelle has listening abilities that would make a saint weep. When her three-year old is pitching a fit, you’d never (never) know that mama might be seething. Steady calm, open generosity, and an eye for the bright side make her one of my favorite people to call when I develop that eye tick thing from telling the kids to pick up their toys five hundred times.

Jim L. ~~ My brother Jim is a gifted school administrator and counselor with an astounding ability to remember and integrate pretty much everything he learns about kids. Add that to the fact that he has a five-year-old son and a two-year old daughter and you get an inspiring blend of parental chill-factor and academic know-how. He’s pretty much tops on my speed-dial. (“Okay, when will these kids stop hiding behind my legs whenever someone says ‘hello’? And what about the nose picking thing??”)

Super-hubby ~~ My husband surely deserve top billing here.  If it weren’t for his patience, I’m pretty sure I would have sold our kids to the gypsies years ago. His shoulders can handle piggy-back rides and meltdowns in equal distribution. (And he’s wicked cute, to boot!)

Now tell me, who are the parents who inspire you? The ones who make you remember that raising kids isn’t a zero-sum game, but a chance to become more than you are in helping your kids to become themselves?

3 thoughts on “Five Mamas and Papas I Adore

  1. I’m with you, Lisa, my husband deserves top billing. He’s a wonderfully playful and loving father and also patient, funny and great listener. I am so happy to have him as a partner in parenting. (p.s. you’re lucky to have good parenting friends, too!)

    • Hi Julia,
      The patience and humor really get me through — I wish I had more of each. I should add great listener to my husband’s list of strengths too! And I love my parenting (and writing!) friends.

  2. Thanks for the props, love! You would be top on my list for your love, passion, devotion, and overall super greatness (I’m not as eloquent with the words as you are!)

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